About Podcast Enthusiast

Hello, my name is Charlie Daidone and I am an avid podcast fan and enthusiast.

Gary Vaynerchuk has said that podcasting is going to become huge in the 2020’s.

Although people have been doing it for at least five years now, it is just starting to get very popular now.

We realized that people need some direction in getting started with their podcast and we are truly podcast enthusiasts so hence our new website.


Our mission is to help individuals to get true insights on what podcasting really is, how they can start a successful podcast, scale it and make money with it!

From inception (creating an idea) to getting it off the ground with hosting, and to successfully creating a lifestyle business with it, were here to help.

Learn how to run your own podcast, market to its fullest, and monetize it to its fullest.

We hope you enjoy our resources.

Thank you for visiting The Podcast Enthusiast!