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PodServe: Here is a Birds-eye view (review) of the beautiful simplicity of the PodServe. fm Podcast Hosting Platform

Whether you are looking for a podcast to host your existing amazing show or if you are ready to start creating stunning new episodes, PodServe is a podcasting platform that must be considered.

There are literally dozens of podcasting hosting software platforms that can make you scratch your head with different pricing options, what bells and whistles you get, how much bandwidth you get etc. But with his PodServe they’ve made it very straightforward and clear.

The PodServe promise of simplicity promotes that you can start a podcast in the easiest possible way. You create your podcast, and they will do all the work to make sure that they get your podcast on Apple Podcasts as well as all of the other major networks.

If you are just starting out, or if you have many years of experience in the Podcasting field, PodServe will help you to navigate into the ever-changing podcasting world.

What is is a premium podcast hosting company from the creators of

This podcasting platform prides itself is its simplicity and its 4 easy steps to get started with podcasting.

You first simply record your episode.

1. Step one – Create an account, create a show title, a show description, pick a category and upload a logo in seconds.

2. Step two – Choose which platforms you want to make your episode available on.

3. Step three – Upload your episode to Podserve.

4. Step four – You are done! PodServe will get your podcast on the networks and start promoting it for you.

They are one of the only podcast hosts that actually helps the podcasters as well as listeners so that they can find each other. PodServe will make sure that your podcast is seen by 1000s of people.

Here is what we really like about their distribution!


The secret sauce here is that PodServe is affiliated with PodParadise which is a popular platform where people listen to podcasts in their browser.

Podcasts that are hosted on get free promotion on PodParadise. That is definitely a nice little perk which will help you get your podcast out of the gate quicker than with other platforms without having to spend extra money on promotion.

PodParadise gets somewhere around 5000+ unique visitors a day from podcast enthusiasts and that number keeps growing.

Every time the front page loads on PodParadise, 5 random podcasts will be featured right there on the front page. So your podcast will be advertised in this rotation.

Other podcast hosting companies will just host your podcast for you and then they will charge extra to help you to promote your podcast.

Learn more about PodParadise Features comes with several unique features that differentiates them from their competition. For the price, we really feel that the features of this platform are pretty amazing. This is a great platform to start with to serve your podcast to the world in an easy way. Let us check out the features that serves to its users.

Feature 1. PodServe offers Full Service Hosting 

For just $19 a month, all members get unlimited storage, unlimited podcasts, and free podcast promotion.

Note: You get 2000 GB of bandwidth a month. If your show becomes very popular and gets a lot of listeners you will be able to upgrade your band with $20 per 3000 GB per month.

The unlimited features for the price are what most attracts its users. The full-service hosting is a great selling point for this company. They will help you to get your podcast out to the world with minimum investment. All you really have to do is just upload your podcast and they will do everything else for you.

The unlimited hosting and was of course the fact that they will take your podcast and will make sure it is available to listen on Apple Podcasts and other podcast networks.

Here are some other great kickers!

You can have as many podcast shows as you want. Create different show titles and test different niches and verticals.

You can create unlimited podcast episodes within different shows.

You can create full-length podcast episodes. There is no cap. So you even upload a five-hour podcast you wanted!

It will never modify or change the quality of your podcasts. Here is a dirty little secret that other podcast hosting companies hope that you don’t know. Some hosting companies will lower the quality of your Podcast to reduce their hosting costs.

Start a Free PodServe trial | Cancel Anytime | No credit card needed

Simple Podcast Interface

The dashboard is super easy to use.

Creating a new show and uploading your recorded podcast is super easy.

Uploading your podcast episode into PodServe is intuitive and truly a simple and easy process.

There are only a few form fields that you need to fill out.

  1. The title of your show
  2. A description of your show
  3. The category that fits best for your show
  4. Upload your logo
  5. And then just let PodServe know which platform you want to be promoted on

The intuitiveness and simplicity make for a much better podcast experience for its users.

it will help you to keep focused on creating unique audio content without having to worry about all kinds of technical backend stuff.

In-Depth Analytics

Having high-quality listener analytics will help you to grow your podcast and get more listeners. Analytics provide great benchmarks for podcasters so that they know where their listeners are coming from and how much traffic they are getting to their episodes. provides some really great in-depth analytics on their platform.

They will tell you about every listen that your podcast receives, the device they listened on, the platform that they used to listen to it on, the time they listened, and where they have listened from.

Also, it will give you analytics of the past 30 days along with the platform types and total listens by date.

An Informative Podcast Dashboard

See download stats at a glance

When you will log into you will be greeted with an informative dashboard that will give you updates on all your total podcasts at a glance.

With their interactive dashboard, you can see all the statistics from your all-time listens, as well as your listens from the past 30, 7, and 1 days.

In the dashboard, you can easily see which episodes are performing and you can specifically see how each different overall show is performing.

The PodServe small and informative dashboard provides you with everything to know about your podcast. 

Your Own Customizable Podcast Website podcast comes with a personalized website for all of its subscribers. With your own customizable website, you can have links to all of your podcast episodes and you can add unique content that describes each show.

Unfortunately at this time, you cannot create blog posts or update the meta tags on 

Embed Your Podcast On Your Own Website

This podcast host platform offers you a mobile-friendly podcast player that you can embed on any website. You can also embed a player that plays your latest and trending podcast episode or one that embeds a specific episode, or one that has a playlist of all the episodes.

The podcast player comes with a sleek design that will look good on any website and it will allow your listeners to easily stream or download your podcast without ever leaving your website so that they can enjoy your podcast without any hassle.

PodServe offers a 14 day free trial  with no credit card needed if you want to give the platform a full test run. Pricing

The pricing plan of is simple and easy to understand. 

They only have 1 plan. Signing up does not require a credit card to give the platform a try

The cost of their unlimited hosting is just $19 per month.

The features of this plan include:

  1. Unlimited Storage
  2. Unlimited Podcasts
  3. Free Podcast Promotion
  4. Your Podcast will be added to the major platforms at no additional charge
  5. Detailed Download Analytics
  6. 1 on 1 Customer Support
  7. You pay on a Month to Month basis with no long term contracts – Cancel Anytime
  8. 14 Days Free Period – No Credit Card Required Customer Support (It’s truly exceptional) offers top-notch customer support to all of its users. 

They take pride in the fact that they will help you with each and every step no matter what the problem is. They have a chat on their on their website as well as a dedicated email for support. They take pride in giving their visitors and clients quick personal responses to any questions that they may have.

You can be assured that the owner Tyler will be there to assist you. He is fully dedicated and he loves to help newbies (as well as seasoned veterans) on their podcasting expeditions.

So let Tyler and his team help guide you into your podcasting world. Affiliate Program

As a podcaster, you can earn a good amount of money from the Affiliate Program. All you have to do is tell your friends about the benefits of the PodServe platform and how it will help them to get a podcast off of the ground

If the person you refer ends up subscribing on this platform, you will receive 25% of the plan every single month.

The Affiliate Program is a great and simple process where you can earn some income.

If you are looking to tap into their affiliate program, you can sign up on the website. Private Podcasting

With you can also choose private podcast hosting as an option. Private Podcasting is perfect for internal company podcasts, or for those who want to charge a premium for listeners to access their content.

You can have full control over the number of listeners that you let into your private podcast hosting area. 

Private Podcasting is a perfect hosting solution for businesses too.

All you have to do is add your company employees to your company podcast, and then you can keep your employees up to date while they are driving or working remotely from home. If they leave the company, you have full control and you can easily remove them from the access to the feed. Private Podcasting Pricing private podcasting pricing

The private podcasting has 2 types of plans from public podcasts to public episodes.

$49 per Month Plan

This plan allows you to pay $49 per month without any credit card required so you can easily afford this. The features of this plan include:

  • Unlimited Public Podcasts
  • 1 Private Podcast Feed
  • Unlimited Private Podcast Episodes
  • 500 Private Listeners
  • Password Protected Feed
  • Download Analytics
  • 1 on 1 Customer Support
  • Month to Month – Cancel Anytime

$99 per Month Plan

This plan comes with 5 major podcast feeds which you can make and also you can take a benefit of 1000 Private Listeners per podcast. The features of this plan include:

  • Unlimited Public Podcasts
  • 5 Private Podcast Feeds
  • Unlimited Private Podcast Episodes
  • 1000 Private Listeners Per Podcast
  • Password Protected Feeds
  • Download Analytics
  • 1 on 1 Customer Support
  • Month to Month – Cancel Anytime

Learn more about PodServe’s private podcasting

Cons of PodServe

As much as we like PodServe there are a few bells and whistles missing for us. These may not be important to some users but we have to use due diligence and fairly weigh all of the services and options.

  1. They do not offer recording or production services – If you are recording your own podcasts on a recording platform like Audacity (or other) and you just need hosting, then this is not a problem for you. If you want to record and have production services under one roof, then PodServe would not be a choice for you.
  2. You cannot create blog posts on their free customizable website – They do give you a website but it’s limited to how much content you can build.
  3. You cannot SEO your website – There is no ability to add meta tags to the web pages of your podcast site. You can use their free site as a platform to post all of your episodes and create and optimize your own blog, however. That is what we would recommend anyway so this is not such huge deal.


1. What makes so special? is special because it is amazingly simple to use. You upload your episode and that’s it you are done. After creating it they will list your podcast on all the networks for you and they will promote you on their sister platform PodParadise.

With PodParadise, you won’t be left out in the middle of nowhere among the other 500,000 (and growing) podcasts out there. Instead, you will get some instant exposure from their platform. Of course, you still want to market yourself heavily on your own, but their platform offers a great solution to get some ears on the shows of podcasters that are just starting out.

2. Can I monetize my podcast on

Yes, you can absolutely monetize your podcast on They will never take a cut from you for promoting your podcast on their platform. There are many ways to monetize your podcast. One strategy is to sign up for a podcasting influencer marketplace like where you can search for sponsorships. When you get a sponsorship, you can record ads and release the ad on your podcast.

3. Does it cost extra to get my podcast on each platform?

No. You can get added to the major players like Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Stitcher for free. If you want wider distribution, you can distribute your podcast on your own or get help from a distribution service. Review Summary logo

Whether you want to publish your podcast through Public or Private Podcasting, will make your life easier with their very simple platform and features

PodServe is very affordable, they offer unlimited storage, and they are known for their top-notch customer support

A great about is their free Podcast Promotion on all the major Podcast Networks. 

Try their platform and take it for a full test run for free for 14 days. No credit card required and you can quit at any time.

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