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Resonate Recordings: A Deep Look Into and Full Review of This One-of-a-Kind Podcast Production Tool

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An Easy Way to Podcast

Wouldn’t it be nice if you record your Podcast, wait for a couple of days, and have a perfectly edited and ready-to-go podcast episode to deliver to your audience?

Well, you can do just that.

And it’s super easy.

Welcome to a brand new way to Podcast with Resonate Recordings.

Resonate is a comprehensive podcast editing service and production platform.

Introduction to Resonate Recordings

Let’s keep this simple:

You can use Resonate in two ways

1. You can use their podcast hosting platform as a stand-alone product and create unlimited podcasts.

2. You can use their platform for hosting AND for their full services of professional editing, superior quality production, and marketing.

The second option is more costly but you get a super professional end product.

Either way, you cannot go wrong with Resonate Recordings:

Resonate Recordings provides a simple process of high-quality podcast editing that is used by many of the top podcast professionals.

Resonate Recordings is not just another Podcast company

It is a comprehensive podcast editing and production software platform

It is a one-stop-shop solution for all of your podcast production needs

And here is why:

They are run by real podcasting professionals who are committed to every client to help make Podcasting easier for you to understand.

Their team has experience in television, radio, film, writing, producing, engineering and everything you can think of that is related to music production.

They have a wide range of audio and video creatives.

They can do it all:

Resonate Recordings provides a wide range of services and technology to ensure that you must be able to release constantly high-quality episodes for your podcasts with ease.

They can do it all including full hosting, audio production (editing, mixing, intro/outro music, and mastering), video production, marketing, producing, and distribution.

The best thing about Resonate Recordings is that they use innovative technology to help you create a quality podcast to represent your unique creative session so that it will resonate with your with your listeners.

What Makes Resonate Recordings Different From Others?

1. Experience

Resonate Recordings have more than 6+ years of broadcasting television, film, radio, television, and music production and they have worked on over 15,000 + podcasts.

They promise to work hard and use their experience so that you can get a crisp unique quality sound for your Podcast

2. Team

Their approach towards the team is very different than any other podcast company.

They have a team of experienced producers, writers, engineers, podcast launch experts, and software editors.

Their system and process will ensure that your finalized podcast product episodes are the best they can be

3. Clients

When it comes to their clients, Resonate Recordings has the mindset and goal to never fail to satisfy their clients.

They have launched hundreds of successful podcasts from Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, influencers, and hobbyist podcasters.

Due to their work ethic, their clients are the most successful business podcasters in the business.

If you search around, will find a Resonate produced podcast show in the top charts on your favorite listening app

4. Technology

They have pioneered their way into this up-and-coming industry.

They integrate and build forwarding technologies for the best combination of efficiency and quality.

They have one goal in mind which is to make their podcast platform simple and easy to use and the absolute best option in the market.

Ease of Use

All you have to do is:

1. Simply upload your audio
2. Add episodes and introductions
3. Approve and distribute your episodes masters using Resonate Recording

Take a moment and visit the resonate website.

Newest Features

 Quality remote recording – Remote recording with their remote recorder makes it sound like you and your guests are in the same room!

Dynamic ad insertion – This tool allows you to upload audio files (like ads and announcements) to your podcast for a selected period of time. This is great to announce a new book, product release, or webinar.

Private podcasting – This great tool allows you to control where your content is published. Great for monetizing paid member sites.

PRO’S and CON’s of using Resonate Recordings as a Podcasting Platform


1. Resonate Recordings offers amazing high-quality sound production. Some of the best in the business. It’s their unique selling proposition. What makes them stand out from the crowd.

2. They have a wide range of sound design elements to give limitless options for creativity in episodes.

3. You can get a bunch of free podcasting resources from their website.

4. You can share your recordings to all the top platforms including Spotify, Google, Apple Podcasts.

5. They have experienced producers to review your episodes, develop your content, and even help create your videos.

6. They help you to use the best Marketing Strategies to reach and grow your listening audience. They have a lot of ads ons like show notes, transcriptions, audiograms, social cards, and other marketing assets.


1. Their services are a little bit more expensive than the competition. There is an old saying that “You get what you pay” and that is true here as well.

2. To keep up a high level of quality on each and every episode, production services can really become expensive. Other ad ones can also become expensive like distribution, bumper music creation, artwork creation, web development, and voiceovers. Resonate is a premium service. If you want the best, you’ll have to pay for it. Please note: You can of course do any of these add-ons on your own to save money.

What is Resonate Hosting?

Resonate Recordings is the platform that you will create all of your podcasts on with simple one-click publishing.

You get a podcast microsite (landing page) which is created when you use resonate hosting where people can subscribe to your podcast, view all of your past episodes, and get in touch with you.

You get an embeddable player that you can add to your website.

Resonate Hosting helps you with distribution and gets your podcasts out into the world.

They make it easier for you to distribute your podcasts to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and many more.

Their hosting platform has an audience insights dashboard that collects detailed analytics so that you can study how your audience interacts with your content.

They also provide solutions for public and private RSS feeds so that you can quickly determine who has access to the content you’re distributing.

How much is Resonate Hosting?

Here you are! Pricing is simple and straightforward.

Resonate Recordings podcast hosting pricing

Looking for an easier way to Host your Podcast?

Then distribute your Podcast to every podcast directory with Resonate Hosting.

Start your 14-day Free Trial by Clicking on this link and enjoy 14 days of trial with Resonate Hosting

Promotion Channels to Share and Grow Your Audience

Resonate has fantastic promotional channels to help you grow and share your audience

With Resonate Recording there is no limit to where your show can live. You can share and distribute your podcasts feed to the top directories including:

1. Apple Podcasts
2. Google
3. Spotify
4. Stitcher

So start sharing your Podcast with the world on all the top platforms to grow your audience each and every day with your fine and amazing podcasts.

What are all of the Services that Resonate Recordings Offers?

What Services Resonate Recordings Offers?

Creating successful podcasts that resonate with your listeners can be challenging. But with Resonate Recordings, their turnkey solutions for podcasters (of all experience levels) really go a long way to make your overall podcasting tasks much easier.

Resonate Recordings offers various podcasting services such as:

Graph picturing some of the main Resonate Recordings services

Services Overview

1. Launch Services
2. Audio Services
3. Enterprise Services
4. Video Services
5. Marketing Services
6. Producer Services

1. Launch Services

It often takes more time to develop an idea to start a new podcast and to get the Podcast out for people to hear.

That’s where Resonate Recordings comes in. Their podcast launch services provide you with everything needed to launch a professional and successful podcast seamlessly

2. Audio Services

Resonate Recordings offers professional podcast editing, mixing, mastering, and sound design services to ensure that your message is as effective and heard as it can be.

They have a trained professional team that will help you in each and every step of difficulty to take your content to the next level.

3. Enterprise Services

All sizes of Organizations and Industries are coming into the podcasting field to increase their brand awareness, align their teams, and advance their mission.

Resonate Recordings is designed to be a one-stop solution for podcasters of all levels including organizations bothy big and small that are starting a podcast

4. Video Services

Video is compelling, and having a professional video can turn your Podcast into an effective one. One that will be bure to visually engage your audience.

The Video Production services of Resonate Recordings allow you to focus on your content and helps you to reach your audience in a quickly growing arena easier.

5. Marketing Services

Marketing is one of the most essentials ways to promote your podcasts. They have a marketing team that can work with you to identify how to use the best marketing strategies and powerful content to reach and grow your listening audience.

You’ll get everything you need to market your podcast.

Marketing services start at $25

6. Producer Services

Producing a podcast is way more complicated than just recording and editing it. It takes proper planning and a true vision to create a really good podcast.

The Resonate Recordings Producer Services allows you to work with an experienced producer to review all your episodes, develop your content, plan your season, and, as mentioned earlier, even create engaging and compelling podcast videos that align perfectly with your content.

Then Join 4,000+ podcasters and get free podcasting resources every Wednesday!

Exclusively with Resonate Hosting.

How Does the Resonate Recordings Process Work?

1. Learn and Sign Up 2. Record and Upload 3. Review and Process 4. Host and Distribute

Graph of How the Resonate Recordings process works

1. Learn and Sign up

You can learn more about their services by going to their official website, and then you can sign up for the production level and add on the ones that fit for you.

If you have any questions while signing up, then you can schedule a call with them, and they will help to solve your problems without any hassle.

2. Record and Upload

You can record and upload your content for their team by simply filling in all the needed requirements.

Once the recording is done, click on the submit button. All of your Resonate Recordings will be organized systematically through your Resonate Account.

3. Review and Process

Once recording and uploading are done, their team will review your episode, and it will make sure that they have everything they need.

The best thing about the Resonate Recordings is that as they are working through the steps to get your end product, you can track the status of your episodes and make any additional comments throughout the entire production process from start to finish.

Once your episode is complete you can review and approve your episode or ask for changes.

4. Hosting and Distribution

Once your episode is done, and the professionals agree on it Resonate Recordings, you can directly post and distribute using Resonate Hosting or with their 1-click integrations or even with other popular podcasting hosting providers.

You can review your episode performance using Resonate Hosting Analytics. You can also study your audience’s taste in podcasts and how you can record podcasts that will help to grow your audience.

What exactly are the Resonate Recordings Podcast Production Services and Distribution all About?

We’re in the business of making you sound as professional as possible.

Podcasting is a creative expression of you and your personal image, and while the technical and creative elements of podcasting may come naturally to some people, most will find how challenging it can be to bring all of the pieces together and make the vision of the Podcast fully engaging.

That is where the Resonate Recording podcast production services come in. Their services are designed to meet all of your post-production audio needs so that you can focus on what you love; creating new compelling content for your Podcast.

The Resonate Recordings Team is a professional, in-house collaboration of producers, audio editors, and mixing engineers that will be sure to professionally process each podcast or video you submit.

With Podcast Production Services, you can distinguish your Production Audio into three different parts: 1. Editing 2. Mixing 3. Mastering

Learn about the Resonate Recordings editing, mixing and mastering process

Visit the Resonate website and start a 14-day free trial

1. Editing

Leave all the distractions on the cutting room floor! All of the little nuances like cutting out long pauses, distracting background sounds, and anything else that may be a distraction for your listeners.

2. Mixing

Craft the aesthetic of your Podcast with their professional podcast mixing. Reduce background and room noise, balance dynamics, and tone for each track, and organize all of your audio files.

3. Mastering

Level each of your tracks, optimize them to digital streaming specifications, tag with metadata, and bring it all together in one master podcast file.

Resonate Recordings Podcast Production Cost

Standard production – Starts at $59 for 1 episode. Your content is organized, mixed, and mastered for one episode.

Premium production – $139 for 1 episode. Includes audio editing as well as organizing your content, mixing, and mastering for one episode.

Enhanced production – $199 for 1 episode. Includes everything in Standard and Premium but you get light sound design and music beds.

For the more serious pro podcasters, they have two additional packages.

Enterprise production – $349 and up for 1 episode. You get everything in the first three levels of production plus a dedicated account rep, dedicated production teams, direct chat, custom equipment recommendations, multiple revisions, and priority turnaround

Custom production – $625 and up. You get everything in the previous 3 plans but you also get custom sound, episode layout, and a more robust music selection.

You can purchase episode credits to use for production services. They usually offer deals on credits so you can save money

Video Podcast Production

With video production, you can reach a larger audience by distributing your podcast on Youtube. You run your podcast and Resonate will do all of the technical work, color correction, editing, and post-production work.

You can get advanced custom backgrounds, custom color grading, have mistakes removed, and more.

Prices for video podcast production start at $149.

Private Podcast Hosting

You can keep your podcast out of directories with Resonates private RSS feeds that notify the popular directories not to index your podcast.

You can also limit listening to secure microsites. This is a good way to start a members-only paid subscription where listeners can only get your content in one place.

Resonate Recordings Offers Free Podcasting Resources

Image of the Resonate Recording Blog of free podcasting resources

Resonate Recordings offers free podcasting resources to take your Podcast to the next level.

They have 8 different main sections where they upload their resources on their blog for all of their users to become experts on podcasting!

They also have many other cool resources if you dig around like where to find Royalty-Free music that doesn’t suck.

Graph of the subjects that you can learn on the Resonate Recordings Website

1. How to Start a Podcast

Find everything you need to launch a successful Podcast

2. Remote Recording

Best Practices for Recordings and producing a Podcast remotely.

3. Recording Equipment

The best podcast equipment recommended by professional audio engineers.

4. Production

Tips and Tricks for editing, mixing and mastering your product.

5. Hosting

Reviews of the top Podcast hosting platforms.

6. Marketing

Actionable advice to market your Podcast through social media, newsletters, SEO, and more.

7. Podcast Recommendations

For the podcast superfans. The best podcasts in every category.

8. Monetization

How to make money podcasting with ad sales, Patreon, and more.


More than 55% of people listen to podcasts and it is now almost being consumed more than streaming video or social apps.

If you want a truly professional end product and if you are looking for an easier way to podcast then Resonate Recordings is the right podcast for you.

Whether you want to record your Podcast or simply just edit your Podcast, Resonate Recordings is the best platform for all your problems.

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